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Collection of our Moselle Wines

Here we would like to give an overview of our wide range of products.

The excellence and quality of our wines are highlighted in wine recommendations in a variety of wine publications.

Of course, it is possible for you to order wines. We deliver or send the fine wines to your home.

Please request our current wine price list and our delivery conditions.

Of course you are also very welcome to visit the winery for wine tasting or to buy wine. Send us an email or give us a call and make an appointment.

  • dry

    Here you will find dry white, red and rose wines.These wines are characterized by complex, stimulating fruit flavors and are distinguished by the nature of the vineyard on which they are grown.

    The intensity increases from simple quality wine in liter bottles to high-quality Spätlese (late vintage). All these wines are an excellent accompaniment to meals. Be it for vespers after a busy day, for barbecue on a beautiful summer evening or for a festive Sunday roast.

    • 2021 Pinot Noir Red Wine

    • 2023 Pinot Noir Rosé Wine

    • 2022 White Burgundy Quality Wine

    • 2022 Riesling Dry
      Leiwener St. Michael

    • 2021 / 2022 Riesling Spätlese , Pölicher Held,-old vineyard-

    • 2022 Sandra´s Riesling, Spätlese 7,50 €

  • half-dry & off-dry

    Intense fruit flavors, combined with a delicate sweetness characterize these exciting wines.Wines that radiate vitality and joie de vivre and are therefore not limited to serve as excellent accompaniment to meals. They are individualists who will make you want to enjoy wine without limitations.

    • 2022 Riesling Spätlese half- dry, Schweicher Annaberg,-old vineyard-

    • 2021 / 2022 Spätlese off- dry, Leiwener Klostergarten

  • fruity-sweet & sweet

    These wines impress with their delicate fruit and elegant character. The harmoniously integrated fruit acids give them the stimulating liveliness. Especially the wines in the Spätlese (late harvest) and Auslese (selection) category, seem very intense, juicy and mineral.

    • 2022 Riesling Spätlese, Pölicher Held -old vineyard-

    • 2022 Riesling Spätlese, Leiwener Klostergarten

    • 2022 Riesling Selected (Auslese)
      heart & soul, Schweicher Annaberg

  • Vintner sparkling wine

    Quality basic wines acquire new quality thanks to the traditional Champagne maturation method. Finesse and charm, character and salubriousness play the most important role in the process to create Riesling sparkling wine.

    • Mosel Riesling -classic bottle fermentation-

    • Mosel Riesling -classic bottle fermentation-

  • Spirits and Liquors

    • home made Riesling Trester spirit

    • Mirabelle spirit

    • Riesling brandy

    • Red vineyard peach liquor